About iBucketList

Everyone has dreams but only a few really chase their dreams. Shame! Our opinion is that people often don’t live their lives to the fullest. And that can be changed ....

“Life is the sum of experiences!”


Dreams can be the origin of something beautiful, but they fade if you let them rest. From the moment you register your dreams and turn them into a (SMART) goal, then dreams can become reality.

iBucketList inspires and stimulates your life to the fullest. Realising dreams, that's the goal!

Start by acquiring ideas, making your own bucket list and creating your own BucketListFund. That is the way to a life full of unique experiences and satisfaction!


It is the mission of iBucketList to:

  1. inspire people, facilitate and encourage them to lead an extraordinary life;
  2. offer companies the opportunity to find people within the target group at the right time and offer them, relevant services, provide activities and information.


iBucketList.com is the first and only website where users are encouraged to formulate their bucket list items as a (SMART) goal, thus creating a personal Bucket List Fund and linking it. What arises is a "personal iBucketList".

The founder

My name is: Raymond Kempen (37), the founder. A thinker, someone who researches, gains knowledge, develops ideas and deploys initiative. I have been a business owner since my 18th year. First, in addition to school and a job, and from 2005 on full time. With ups and downs though.

Since 2013 I began a new adventure and made the first steps to creating iBucketList; from idea to concept development, and building a platform and organisation from scratch. 

Bucket List

Am I the Bucket List man? No, that’s to say I haven’t ticked a huge list of extreme activities or travel adventures on ‘My iBucketList’. No doubt there are people with a better, longer or more extreme list. And those people inspire me tremendously!

Although, many of my dreams have been converted into goals and a plan was created to achieve them successfully. Both in my private life and in business I took steps which gives me a proud feeling!

Access to this way of thinking and doing originated years ago during a session with Danny van der Giessen. At that time a 'mood board’ was created by me. My goal was visualised in 5 different area’s. And subsequently also partly realised. After that, the book "The 4 Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferris inspired me. Read on the small screen of my phone, in front of the tent. He articulated what I believe, in a clear and practical way. 

What he means is this: Wealth should not be measured by how much money someone has, but rather by the amount of time someone has to do fun things. It is also true that the "Newly Rich” are not saving money to do fun things during retirement (67 years) but want to enjoy life to the fullest now. A good "work-life balance" in their daily lives and, if desired "mini-retirement" once or more often at a younger age.

For this way of life working with an iBucketList is ideal! Acquiring inspiration, creating goals and realising them and especially enjoying life! It is my goal to make iBucketList the platform that helps people to achieve their goals.

Real life

Since 2013 I live, nearby the sea, in The Netherlands together with my family. The place that we prefer to be. Hard work, but also maximum enjoyment!


Want to know more. Then check:

My iBucketList: --> http://ibl.st/raymond

My LinkeIn-profile: --> http://nl.linkedin.com/in/raymondkempen/